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michaelMichael Nolan

Chairman - Aerogels Australia Advisory Board

With over 12 years in management and marketing roles, Aerogels Australia Chairman, Michael Nolan is a specialist in product management and development, responsible for the Edmonds ventilation business and a number of national account management sales roles for CSR. Previously the New Product Development Manager for the Bradford Insulation Group, Michael now heads a team of marketing managers for the Global manufacturing of tile adhesives, grouts, waterproofing products, technical mortars and façade coverings for ParexGroup.


simeonSimeon Caric

Managing Director

Simeon's vested interest in sustainable design and building products started long before his association with Aerogels: in fact, it was actually his research into best practice building products that directed him to discover the 'Building and Construction Industry's solution to insulation'.

Simeon is the Environmental Energy Advisor & Consultant to ESD (Environmental Sustainable Developments), and one of their major projects is the Beyond Development*. In 2006, he was on the pursuit for a specific insulation option, fitting to the embodied energy requirements and stringent guidelines of the Beyond project. (*Recently winning the UDIA Award for Environmental Excellence, Beyond is the largest residental sustainable development in Australia.)

Simeon has a further background in the Defence, and Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration Industries. His combined scope of buisness interests have given him the rescources to pursue the opportunity to focus on his passion for diversified building solutions, and provide the Australian Industry with the best performing insulation in the world market - Aerogel.


martinDr. Martin Belusko

Technical Director

Dr. Martin Belusko has over 15 years experience in the field of thermal and heat transfer engineering. Dr Belusko has considerable experience in the R&D sector, working with industry specialists to develop new energy efficient solutions in areas ranging from heating and cooling systems to building and construction. More recently, Dr. Belusko has worked in the field of insulation technology and its application to thermal systems. Today he leads our technical team, assisting clients in delivering the insulation solution needed for their application.


hayleyHayley Lentz

Key Accounts Manager

Hayley Lentz has over 10 years experience in management and professional sales & customer service roles spanning a broad range of industries. Cultivating this experience, Hayley crosses between sales and marketing roles for Aerogels Australia as well as working along side the Company Director and Executive Assistant to continually refine business systems and customer relations processes.


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