Our company recognizes the importance of delivering a solution which ensures greenhouse gas emission reduction targets can be achieved over the long term.

Besides initial infrastructure costs, energy represents the largest ongoing cost element of most manufacturing processes.

Implementing energy conservation and process efficiency solutions is the most cost effective measure in reducing ongoing operating costs.  In many cases this represents a significant challenge in understanding how this can be acheived. 

Aerogels Australia can provide a detailed assessment identifying various inefficiencies resulting in energy loss across your entire facility. Providing accurate energy loss calclulations in conjuction with

- Existing Insulation inspection services.

- CUI inspection and evaluation services.

Aerogels Australia is committed to delivering insulation solutions which can effectively realise the goals of emission reduction whilst maintaining process control and superior performance levels over the long term.

Aerogels Australia insulation solutions reduces energy usage and requires only a minimal amount of energy to manufacture and deliver. As a result Aerogels is the leading product on the Global Market providing a sound solution to reduce CO2 emissions, Carbon Footprint and overall opearting costs to the end user. 


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