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Aerogels Australia is committed to the highest level of health & safety assurance. The quality of the product and the state of the environments in which we operate is of paramount importance to us and our clients.

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Health & Safety of Aerogel Insulation

Aerogel is a synthetically produced amorphous silica gel (distinctly different from crystalline silica) impregnated into a non-woven flexible blanket, offering the twin benefits of extreme thermal performance in a easy to install flexible form. For each product type the fabric material varies to meet application requirements.

Aerogel insulation derives its performance from the drying of the silica gel leaving pores within the aerogel of nano – scale. This innovation defines the nanotechnology characteristic of Aerogel insulation. Aerogel insulation does not produce or involve nano particles, and as such does not present any health and or safety risk. 

Extensive studies have been conducted by OSHA, EPA and the OECD concluding "No concerns for human health".

As with other products which can produce airborne particles, the use of the aerogel blanket requires general PPE consideration in usage of the product - paper dust mask, work gloves and safety glasses are standard recommendation.

Aerogel insulation is environmentally benign and can be disposed of in any licensed landfill.

For Further Information on Safety Data & MSDS documents please contact us.


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