Aerogels provides thermal insulation solutions for a variety of applications of household appliances. The ultra-thin ready-to-use blankets with extremely low thermal conductivity allow household-appliance designers to make insulation in tight areas such as walls and doors much easier.

When the ultimate in high thermal performance is required, Aerogel insulation provides significant enhancements in temperature control.

Servicing high performance ovens, fridges, cool and freezer rooms, blast chillers, holding cabinets, 

Aerogel product can be integrated into cold rooms, in combination with polystyrene, it may be possible to reduce cooling energy demand, as well as increase the internal space within the cold room. For example if a cold room currently has 150 mm thick polystyrene, to achieve the same thermal resistance the thickness could be reduced to 108 mm adding only one layer of aerogel.  Alternatively, adding on the aerogel to the 150 mm insulation, resulting in a 160 mm thick insulated wall, will reduce the overall cooling load and associated running costs by 13%.  If the starting thickness of insulation was 100 mm, then adding aerogel will result in a thickness of 110 mm, and a 19% reduction in associated running costs. These savings would increase each year as the aerogel does not degrade with age.




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