Aerogels Insulation delivers superior value where weight, space and performance are paramount. Whether it’s protecting low temperature composite structures or providing signature reduction to hot engine components, Aerogels provides unmatched performance.

Aerogels products have demonstrated numerous performance advantages in defence applications translating to tremendous savings on topside weight and volume:

  • 40% weight savings over conventional fire rated insulation systems used shipboard

  • 50% reduction in thickness

  • Significantly enhanced acoustic performance

  • Thermal signature reduction for hot engine components and aircraft skins

  • Lightweight thermal insulation for exhaust, ducting, and nacelle applications

Areas of use include:

  • Fixed-Wing and Rotary-Wing Aircraft Thermal, Acoustic, IR & Fire Protection
  • Shipboard Fire & Thermal Protection
  • Personnel Shelter Insulation



Efficient insulation in severe conditions means a 30-50% reduction in fuel consumption for necessary heating/cooling operations. Aerogels offers a more efficient, lighter weight, water repellent alternative to tent insulation systems now in the field.

Additionally, inherent acoustic performance and IR Suppression capabilities make Aerogels a perfect fit for higher performance military shelters.




The superior thermal insulating power and hydrophobic properties of Aspen Aerogels blanket materials make them the ideal solution for chill water lines as well as steam pipe insulation shipboard.





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