Aerogel Insulation delivers World leading solutions to the harshest of operating environments.

When asset integrity, process control and output is paramount, our product range & management services ensure your project is up & running on time, on budget in any weather condition. 

Extending the lifecycle of our clients assets is our core business. From rejuvenation strategies of ageing industrial assets, to new innovative projects, we work closely with our clients to deliver an industry leading outcome.

From (FEED) stage, (EPC) to comissioning Aerogels Australia works closely with the contractor & asset owner to provide sound technical support, procurement, supply chain & inspection services.


Key Advantages for the Industrial Sector

Reduced Energy Usage

The low conductivity nature of Aerogels results in an insulation product that can be created with a thinner profile. Thinner insulation requires less surface area, in turn reducing heat loss. For typical insulation applications, the magnitude of this saving spans from 5-40%, representing significant costs savings to the plant operator and a reduction in commercial energy consumption in the long term.

Lower Material Costs

Compared to fibrous products, a reduction of 30-90% in conductivity means that far less material is required for a given level of thermal protection with Aerogels insulation. Aerogels is the low cost solution.

Lower Installation Costs

The combination of a thinner material with high strain-to failure resistance means that Aerogels insulation can be installed on-site and is adaptable to all but the smallest pipe diameters. 

Smaller Logistical Footprint

Example: LNG equipment (a vessel) volume for PIR is 250m3, delivered in 5.2 x 40ft containers comparitively, Cryogel Z (volume of 50m3) delivered in 1.75 x 40ft containers.

Global Leaders in Asset Integrity

Why we are the Global leaders in Asset Integrity:

  • Aerogels Australia insualtion products deliver the highest thermal protection in the thinnest profile. 
  • Whilst simplifying the installation process Aerogel deliversLowest Available Installed Costs (up to 50% labour hour savings for vessels & pipelines) Enabling cost effective local installation options.
    • Unmatched Temperature Resistance
    • Profile reduction enabling a superior engineered design in cyclone prone locations.  
    • Longer operational service life
    • Considerable weight savings  
    • Simplified logistics (1 roll covers all pipe diameteres) 
    • 1 roll covers all pipe diameteres

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